Ages: 14-19 (by Sept 1)
May 13 -OR – May 20
Koinonia Church, 11510 FM 1488, Magnolia 77354
6 p.m.-8 p.m.

If a student cannot attend either audition, please contact Ms. Carla, NYT Studio Director, by April 30, at [email protected]. We expect to have 3 companies for 2024-25 and for each group to have 8-10 dancers each. There will be no ballet class requirement for 2024-25.


Required Class Times for Company Members:
Tuesday 6:50-9:00 (Company 1 & 2)
Tuesday 5:40-6:50 (Company 3)
Collective Church, Magnolia
Required Company Member Fees:
Project Dance Fee: estimated $300 (see policies at registration; fundraising available)
Recital Fee: $100 for Company 1 & 2; $60 for Company 3
Monthly Tuition Fee:
Company 1 & 2 are 2 hours per week at $100 per month.
Company 3 is 1 hour per week at $55 per month.
The registration fee is $35 per student.


Company Member Commitment Agreement:
Being a part of NYT Studio Company is a higher level of commitment than other dance classes.  Company Members are expected to be at every rehearsal and performance opportunity.  If a conflict arises, Company Members are expected to give an advance notice to Ms. Carla AND their primary instructor (if it is not Ms. Carla).  MIssing rehearsals may result in being taken out of a piece, and multiple missed rehearsals may result in being asked to step down from the Company. It will be up to the Company Director’s discretion if you will be included in content/pieces that are worked on in the rehearsal you miss. Company Members need to consider the level of commitment that is required before auditioning. The week of performances there will be mandatory extra rehearsals which will be communicated with advanced notice. The extra rehearsals will be communicated when the performance dates are also presented and agreed to. There will be no requirement for classes along with Company this year, however the Company Members will be subject to auditions every year. So it is in their best interest to keep their technical training up.  All Company expectations for leadership, stewardship, and conduct will be communicated in the beginning of the season. Disrespectful behavior or disregard for agreed upon conduct during NYT functions will result in dismissal from the Company.  A Company Member is not allowed to be enrolled in Show Choir and Company in the same year.

Once registration is complete, you will receive an email with the following form request.  Please fill it out prior to auditions.