Registering for Classes, Camps, or Shows

(Print these out for reference as you advance through the process)


NYT Online Account Registration
(Skip to STEP 2, if you have completed this previously)

  1. Go to
  2. Upper left corner, click on “Sign in.”
  3. Choose “Click Here to Create an Account.”
  4. Enter your email account (twice), select “Next.”
  5. DO NOT choose a Business Account category.
    1. DO “Click here to register as an individual or family.”
  6. Fill in all the pertinent information.
    1. Click on “Create Account.”

Your family is now registered, but not your student! For your child to show up in the system, you must continue on with the following instructions!

STEP 2 (Necessary Step!)
Adding a student to the family account
(Skip to STEP 3, if you have completed this previously)

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Choose “Add a Person.”
  3. Fill out all pertinent information.
    1. Birthdate MUST be entered for your child to be eligible for registration.
    2. Be sure to make your child “secondary” or “neither” for contact, unless you want them to receive information ahead of you. Most students are “secondary”, as the parent must be “primary.”
    3. Update t-shirt size, as this will be used when ordering a t-shirt for your child.
    4. Choose “Save Information.”

Now your student is ready to be registered.

Registering for a class, camp, or show

  1. Return to your Family Summary page within your account.
  2. UPDATE your contact info! Now that we are electronic, this is our ONLY emergency contact info source.
  3. Choose “Register for Classes and Camps.”
  4. Choose your student’s name.
    1. Choose the green button “Click Here to Select a Class.”
    2. From the drop-down Class menu, select the class in your student’s age range.
    3. Complete other fields. Please note that selecting a friend to be in the same class requires that that friend register for the same class.
    4. “Continue to Online Registration Step 2.”
  5. Please complete as much of the requested information as possible.
    1. This helps us serve you better.
    2. Note the medical and media release.
    3. Select “I agree, and wish to continue the registration process.”
  6. Review information on this page for accuracy.
    1. If you need to make edits, select “I would like to go back and change some of the information I entered.”
    2. If all is correct, choose one of the payment options.
    3. If you have changed your mind and don’t wish to register for this class, select “I do not wish to register. Please erase the requested registrations.”
  7. Your student is now registered. An NYT staff member will review the registration and enroll your child. You will receive a confirmation email within a few days. If you do not receive an email, please contact us. Thank you!


If the system does not allow you to continue, click again on “Register for Classes & Camps” and then click on your child’s name. You should see the class for the current show already listed in the “Register In:” box.  All you do now is click the button “Continue to Online Registration Step 2.”

Also, if the system doesn’t seem to be working properly, try restarting your computer or try another internet browser.

If you have any problems, please contact Emily Currid at [email protected].