Leveled Classes: Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, Foundations, Jazz, Tumbling, Partnering
*You will see only one description for each leveled class.
The upper levels will build upon concepts and movements introduced in the lower levels and increase speed, precision, as well as tackle new moments that require a foundational movement to be mastered first.  Each class will progress as the teacher is able to focus on required technical aspects.  Leveling our classes will allow our program and students to see growth more rapidly as their teachers and classmates will all be able to hone in on similar technical areas to develop. 

Company, Ages 14-20
*Audition Required (May 13 & 20, 2024)
A program designed to expand students’ performance experiences, deepen their training, expose them to a variety of teachers and choreography, as well as create a community where discipleship happens. Additional performance and ministry opportunities throughout the year. The Company will be a community that engages in conversations about being Christian artists who serve by using our gifts to glorify God.  This year we will have 3 companies.  Each Company requires 2 consecutive class hours on Tuesday nights. RECITAL CLASS

Show Choir, Ages 13-20 
*Audition Required (August 15, 2024)
A creative, fun, and engaging choral class with additional performance opportunities. Navigate complex harmonies in SATB structure while incorporating dance and acting skills. Fine tune music theory and gain confidence in group theatrical numbers. RECITAL CLASS

Sight Singing & Ear Training, Ages 8-20
Learn to read music as it applies to the voice. We will be learning solfege syllables (do-re-mi) to hear and sing scales and intervals. This will directly apply to reading and singing melodies and harmonies together. Get ready to sing a cappella!

Jazz, Ages 7-20
Teaches technique that combines the structure and discipline of ballet with the upbeat style of classic jazz.  Includes intentional time spent on the foundational elements of movement and gives attention to combinations and “across-the-floor” variations where students will develop the skills to apply the technical components into their performances. Building on that foundation, the intermediate level will expand to more advanced techniques while continuing to teach practical application of technique into jazz-style combinations.  Includes movement and combinations that increase the level of difficulty as the dancers move from one level to the next. RECITAL CLASS

Tap, Ages 8-20
Focuses on learning the basics of technical tap and its vocabulary, while developing rhythm and coordination.  Designed to improve a student’s timing, sound clarity, and ability to find rhythms and beats.  Exercises will help students gain the flexibility and strength of the ankles and knees which is needed for more complex combinations and increased speed.

Partnering, Ages 13-20
Focuses on the basics of partnering plus elements of ballroom, swing, and lifts. Progresses through different styles of ballroom including Latin styles, country, traditional, and swing, while strengthening the dancer’s ability to move along with a partner and increase fluidity of movement within each discipline.  RECITAL CLASS

Tumbling, Ages 8-20
Includes concepts of tumbling and gymnastics while also focusing on increasing strength and flexibility.  Students will be challenged to progress at their own pace and focus on the particular areas where they need strength and flexibility.

Tiny Tumbling, Ages 5-7  (30-minute class)
Engages a younger student and explores the fun of tumbling. Focuses on developing strength and flexibly needed to successfully progress to upper levels of tumbling. Intrigues students and gives them a foundation to build upon in future years. NON-RECITAL CLASS

Movement, Ages 5-6
Focuses on basic foundations of dance and movement while allowing the opportunity for creativity. Combines elements of ballet and jazz to create a strong technical foundation of dance from which to grow.  The students will be engaged in learning basic jazz technique, beginning turns, leaps, and combinations. This class is in preparation for more structured technique in the older classes. RECITAL CLASS

Hip Hop, Ages 10-20
Explores concepts of hip hop, pop and lock, and break dance. High energy. Encourages dancers to explore new rhythms and accents within their movement. Focuses on combinations, performance of movement, and across the floor exercises with some technical concepts. RECITAL CLASS

Audition Prep, Ages 11-20
Work in a master class style environment where individual students can learn tricks and tips to song interpretation, acting and musical genres, and be instructed how to train your instrument without damage and overuse. Basic sight-reading skills will also be incorporated.  NON-RECTAL CLASS

Masterclass, Ages 13-20
Masterclass is a group vocal/acting workshop. We will focus on different periods of musical theater and how to sing through each style effectively, using proper vocal technique and breath support. Students will select their own vocal works for each unit and then workshop solo and possible duets with the teacher and fellow classmates to create a deeper understanding of their characters and technical clarity. Learn to perform with a strong vocal perspective and also to be able to see things through a director’s lens!  NON-RECITAL CLASS

Foundations, Ages 10-20
Focuses on developing the dancer’s basic technical ability, flexibility, and strength. Deeply rooted in ballet; will incorporate concepts from jazz and modern techniques. Includes intentional time spent on the foundational elements of movement while also giving attention to combinations and across the floor variations where students can work on combining technical components and performing them. Allows focus solely on technique and strengthening exercises throughout the year.

Ballet, Ages 11-20 depending on level
Follows the classical structure of ballet incorporating the five necessary elements of a class: Barre, Adage, Pirouettes, Allegro, and Reverence. A progressive class where the movement taught at the beginning of class will build upon itself as the class continues, seen throughout the year as we start with smaller foundational movements and progress to faster and more demanding movements as strength and flexibility grows.  Follows a syllabus based more on Vaganova Ballet structure and style with recital choreography spring semester. RECITAL CLASS

Ballet Technique, 11-20 depending on level
See above description, except without the recital choreography.  NON-RECITAL CLASS

Choosing Ballet Classes Based on Your Level
Use the chart below to see what classes you are eligible for based on your Ballet Level. 

Student Assigned Level Ballet 1 Ballet 2 Ballet 3 Ballet 4
Eligible Recital Class Ballet 1 Ballet 2 Ballet 3 Ballet 4
Eligible Technique Classes Foundations Ballet 2/3 Ballet 3/4 Ballet 3/4
Eligible Technique Classes Foundations Ballet 2/3 Ballet 2/3
Eligible Technique Classes Foundations Foundations

A Note on Ballet Enrollment
Accounts will be billed for the number of classes a student is enrolled in.  A Ballet Technique Non-Recital Class is an additional class to the Ballet Recital Class. Students in Ballet 2-4 may take a Ballet Recital Class at their level and a Ballet Technique Non-Recital Class at their level or lower.  Students may choose to be enrolled in either class or both classes together.  Please select a technique class that fits your schedule.  If a student misses a technique class, he / she may make up that class on another night / location.  Please email the Studio Producer to make arrangements for make-up Ballet Technique Classes. 

Ballet Enrollment Examples

  • Ballet Level 4 Student enrolls in Ballet Level 4 AND Ballet Technique Level 3/4.  Student will see growth from taking an additional technique class and will perform in the recital for Ballet Level 4.  
  • Ballet Level 3 student enrolls in Ballet Technique 2/3 and Ballet Technique 3/4. Student will see growth from taking 2 technique classes but will not perform in the recital. 
  • Ballet Level 1 student enrolls in Ballet Level 1 and Foundations for his/her age.  Student will see growth from taking an additional technique class and will be in the recital for Ballet Level 1. 

Each of these enrollment scenarios would be billed for 2 classes per month.  Students would be able to make up missed technique classes by coming to another night of a Technique Class.