NYT Online Account Registration

Please print this out for reference.

(Skip to STEP 2, if you have completed this previously)

  1. Go to ​NYT Family Login
  2. Choose “Click Here to Create an Account”
  3. Enter your email account (twice), select “Next”
  4. DO NOT​ choose a Business Account category. (DO “Click here to register as an individual or family”)
  5. Fill in all the pertinent information (Click on “Create Account”)

Your family is now registered, but ​NOT​ your cast member! For your child to get credit for ticket sales during regular shows, or to be able to register for a class, you ​must​ continue on with the following instructions! The student name will also not show up for bio or t-shirt orders unless you complete this step!

STEP 2 (Necessary Step!)
Adding a student or cast member to the family account

  1. Log in to your account –  NYT Family Login
  2. Choose “Add a Person”
  3. Fill out all pertinent information

a.  Be sure to make your child “secondary” or “neither” for contact, unless you want them to receive information ahead of you. Most students are “secondary”, with the “primary” contact being the parent.

b. This is where you will enter and update the bio information for the Playbill during regular shows (not 24 Hour Musical). Your production manager will let you know the deadline for this.

c. Also fill in the t-shirt size field – this is the size we will order for your child.

d. Choose “Save Information”

If you have any problems with online account setup, please contact Emily Currid at

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