National Youth Theater is very excited to present the musical Grimm Fairy Tales. The story follows Red, a young girl that doesn’t quite fit in in the real world. After all, she’s not like everyone else—especially the other girls in town. She loves to sketch, loves books, dresses a bit odd, and sees adventure and fantasy in the most mundane happenings around the town square. After two mean girls confront her (and a young, handsome boy comes to her rescue), Red ducks into a shop to avoid having to talk to the boy.

There she meets two old men, who are the curators of some pretty amazing trinkets littered around the rickety old shop: a glass slipper, a shiny red apple, a spindle, and other fantastical odds and ends. Curious Red accidentally pricks her finger on the spindle and falls into a deep sleep…only to wake up in the magical land of Happily Ever After.

In Happily Ever After, the town is populated with characters from the Grimm Fairy Tales—numerous Prince Charmings, dwarves, the Frog Prince, and many princesses, including Snow White, Cinderella, and Rapunzel, to name a few. The town of Happily Ever After has a shrine for the Grimms built in the center of town, which display the magic inkwell, pen, and scroll with which the Grimms write and create their stories. Upon Red’s surprise arrival, the whole town is so enraptured with having a “new addition” that no one sees Rumplestiltskin creep in and steal the magic objects from right under their noses.

Rumplestiltskin, along with three witches—The Queen, from Snow White’s story, Carabosse, from Rapunzel’s story, and Lady Damara, the evil step-mother from Cinderella’s story— begin wreaking havoc on the town by rewriting everyone’s “happily ever after.” Rapunzel is now tone deaf, a brave Prince Charming is terrified of his own shadow, Snow White hates dwarves, and they’ve stripped the Fairy Godmother of her magic, stopping Cinderella from attending the ball.

Red, now in the middle of the town and the middle of a fine mess, begins a journey to try to set things right. With The Frog Prince, Egan the 8th Dwarf, a magic-less Fairy Godmother, and a confused Prince Charming, she weaves her way through numerous Grimm tales, such as Hansel and Gretel; she meets the famed (and surprisingly young) Grimm brothers, she dances at the Prince’s ball, and dons a brightly colored cloak while standing up to a big, bad, wolf. At Grimm’s climax, Red challenges Rumplestiltskin to a battle of wits, and eventually faces the witches in a winner-take-all confrontation with the very existence of Happily Ever After hanging in the balance.

Through it all, Red finds acceptance, her true love, and her very own “happily ever after”…though it’s not where she thought it’d ever be.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. ~Ephesians 6:12

November 12-14, 2020
Freedom Church, 8103 FM 1488 Road, Magnolia

Justin Parks, Director
Erica Gallegos, Assistant Director
Jim Hallford, Vocal Director
Katrin Young, Assistant Vocal Director
Carla Prescott, Choreographer
Savannah Alexander, Intern Choreographer

Girl/Red – Sadie Thomas
Frog Prince – Samuel Morales
Rumplestiltskin – Canaan Bowles
The Queen – Elianna Barosh
Carabosse – Kaitlyn Vaughn
Lady Damara – Ahna Tracey
Wolf – Gavin Cabote
Snow White – Kayden Solomon
Prince Charming – To Be Determined
Cinderella – Eden Martinez
Cinderella’s Prince – Zane Welch
Fairy Godmother – Hannah Richards
Young Grimm Brothers – Luke Holland and Elijah Barosh
Older Jacob Grimm – Joshua Lachney
Older Wilhelm Grimm – Alex Wardell
Sleeping Beauty – Zoe Romanchuk
Cowardly Prince – Julian Lammey
Rapunzel – Giuliana Mendeola

Elijah Barosh
Virginia Collins
Luke Holland
Rylee Menard
PJ Morrow
Angela Prescott
Rylee Williams

Reece – Joseph Beverly
Hansel – Collin Morales
Gretel – Kamryn Williams
Step-sisters – Julia Brazzell and Emerson Welch

Noelani Ariz
McKenna Bear
Annie Bowles
Carissa Holland
Sammi Paffie
Sadie Paffie

*Villain Lead Dancers*
Noelani Ariz
McKenna Bear
Annie Bowles
Anna Freeman
Carissa Holland
Avery Kotrla
Hannah Lachney
Lyric McLaughlin
Rylee Menard
Emma Morrisette
PJ Morrow
Sammi Paffie
Sadie Paffie
Angela Prescott
Anastasia Procenko
Delanie Thomas
Emerson Welch

*Fairytale Chorus*
Anthony Adams
Elijah Barosh
Julia Brazzell
Kyle Cabote
Virginia Collins
Harper Gonzalez
Addison Guinn
Delaney Harper
Luke Holland
Danika Jasso
Francesca Mastrangelo
Brooke Martinez
Eden Martinez
Giuliana Mendeola
Collin Morales
Saylor Parks
Hannah Richards
Zoe Romanchuk
Kayden Solomon
Rylee Williams
Zane Welch
Kamryn Williams

*Villager Chorus*
Avi Barreras
Adelyn Burrow
Katriel Claros
Mackenna Droll
Bryce Ewing
Sara Freeman
Jayda Hallford
Jessy Hallford
Preslie Long
Kourtney Lowery
Adria Martinez
Marin Meadows
Ella Morrisette
Cora Nichols
Abigail Richards
David Richards
Rachel Richards
Sawyer Robbins
Gavin Sieker
Logan Sieker
Anna Wilkinson

November 20-22, 2020
Concordia Lutheran High School, 700 E. Main Street, Tomball

Justin Parks, Director
Lisa Morales, Vocal Director
Jenny Moyado, Choreographer

CAST LIST (Older Cast)
Girl/Red – Jillian Parks
Frog Prince – Brent Cabote
Rumplestiltskin – Caleb Jasso
The Queen – Abigail Barreras
Carabosse – Ashton Vaughn
Lady Damara – Isabella Barosh
Wolf – Jacob Holland
Snow White – Rory Amos
Prince Charming – Marshal Hunt
Cinderella – Kaili Smyth
Cinderella’s Prince – Brady Paffie
Fairy Godmother – Eve Cox
Jacob Grimm – Joshua Lachney
Wilhelm Grimm – Alex Wardell
Young Grimm Brothers – Luke Holland and Elijah Barosh
Sleeping Beauty – Annabelle Ovaitt
Cowardly Prince – Joey McGrew
Rapunzel – Beth Hale

Judah Bowles
Joshua Brazzell
Matthew Brazzell
Joshua Lachney
Calder McDonald
Joey McGrew
CJ Young
Reece – Taro Ariz
Hansel – Bryce Box
Gretel – Destiny Yackley

Step-sisters – Annie Cole and Ava Bert

Hassan Carrico
Alexes Jimenez
Liberty Parks

Ellie Phelps

*Villain Lead Dancers*
Hassan Carrico
Chloe Dill
Beth Hale
Sophie Hrehor
Alexes Jimenez
Kassidy Montgomery
Mary-Jean Morrissette
Annabelle Ovaitt
Sydney Paffie
Liberty Parks
Ellie Phelps
Sadie Seneca

Kaili Smyth

*Fairytale Chorus*
Mia Adolph
Rory Amos
Ava Bert
Judah Bowles
Bryce Box
Joshua Brazzell
Matthew Brazzell
Annie Cole
Eve Cox
Halle Howard
Catherine Howes
Joshua Lachney
Leah Lachney
Calder McDonald
Joey McGrew
Brady Paffie
Ashley Pawlak
Morgan Pierce
Anna Powell
Claire Tracey
Destiny Yackley

CJ Young

*Villager Chorus*
Allison Anderson
Abigail Ballard
Amelia Barreras
Michaela Blackford
Allie Breedlove
Lauren Breedlove
Brynn Clark
Julia Colvin
Shelby Doyle
Sarah Housos
Aaliyah McDermott
Isabelle Meadows
Abigail Morrow
Berhanesh Portilla
Sophia Rangel
Alexa Robbins
Sierra Sacchieri
Victoria Sieker
Raegan Slott
Taryn Songer
Skylar Welch
Michaela Wilkinson
Aria Young