Les Misérables is the world’s longest running musical — a true modern classic based on Victor Hugo’s novel and featuring one of the most memorable scores of all time.  With countless awards to its name, Les Misérables is as groundbreaking today as it was when it first premiered in London in 1985.

In nineteenth century France, Jean Valjean is released from 19 years of unjust imprisonment, but finds nothing in store for him but mistrust and mistreatment. He breaks his parole in hopes of starting a new life, initiating a lifelong struggle for redemption as he is relentlessly pursued by police inspector Javert, who refuses to believe that Valjean can change his ways. Finally, during the Paris student uprising of 1832, Javert must confront his ideals after Valjean spares his life and saves that of the student revolutionary who has captured the heart of Valjean’s adopted daughter. His world view shattered, Javert commits suicide, and Valjean finally attains the peace that he has sought for so long.

AGES: High School Edition – High school age 13+ are welcome to audition.

AUDITIONS: August 23; CALLBACKS: August 24

PRODUCTION FEE: $250 (scholarships are available.)


TECH WEEK: December 2-5
Tech Move-in is December 1
(No conflicts allowed for Tech Week or Shows)
December 2-5, 5 p.m.-9:30 p.m. 
Lone Star College Tomball, Performing Arts Center
30555 Tomball Parkway, Tomball 77375

PERFORMANCES: December 6-8
Dec. 6 at 7 p.m.
Dec. 7 at 2 p.m. & 6 p.m.
Dec. 8 at 2 p.m. & 6 p.m.
Lone Star College Tomball, Performing Arts Center
30555 Tomball Parkway, Tomball 77375

Courtney McLaughlin, Director & Vocal Director
Randi Lanum, Assistant Director
Katrin Young, Assistant Vocal Director
Mirra Cabote, Choreographer

If you have any questions, please contact the production manager at [email protected].

Jean Valjean: The hero of the show. It is his life journey that we follow.
Javert: He is a dedicated policeman with a profoundly strong sense of duty.
Fantine: The beautiful, young girl who, abandoned by her lover, is left to fend for herself and her daughter, Cosette.
Éponine: Eponine is the Thénardiers’ daughter. Living hand to mouth, she survives by helping her father in his life of crime.
Young Eponine: Young Eponine is the pampered daughter of the Thénardiers. She does little except taunt Young Cosette.
Marius: The romantic hero of the story.
Cosette: Is Fantine’s strong-willed, loving daughter. Once she is adopted by Jean Valjean, Cosette lives a comfortable, if secluded, life. She falls instantly in love with Marius, changing her world and her priorities.
Young Cosette: Is Fantine’s daughter and the Thénardiers’ ward. She has been forced into child labor. She is underfed, beaten by Madame Thénardier, and bullied by Eponine.
Madame Thenardier: She is married to Thénardier. Together, Madame Thénardier and Thénardier con the world as partners in crime. She is mean and nasty to Little Cosette and able to improvise in nearly any situation.
Thenardier: Is the true villain of Les Misérables School Edition. He is the embodiment of evil. He delights in cheating, robbing, defrauding, and blackmailing, and relishes every aspect of his schemes with glee. He is tough, greedy, brutal, lowbrow, crafty and yet irresistible. He hates society and blames it and everyone else for all his misfortune.
Gavroche: Is Thénardier’s son. He is left to fend for himself and lives by his wits in the streets of Paris.
Enjolras: Is the student leader. He is brave, and daring, although youthful. He combines his revolutionary ideals with strong, charismatic leadership.
Bishop Of Digne: The Bishop is a good man who saves Valjean’s soul through showing compassion.
Members of the ABC society: Combeferre, Feuilly, Courfeyrac, Joly, Prouvaire, Lesgles, and Grantaire.
Foreman: Begins Fantine on her desperate, downward spiral.
Bamatabois: Is the customer who taunts Fantine into violence. He is a wealthy, dissolute young man who thinks of himself as a gentleman, even dressing in expensive clothes. He chauvinistically feels it is his right to buy anything, even Fantine.
Old Woman: The Old Woman is a nice, featured role who purchases Fantine’s hair.
Chain Gang: Group of featured soloists
Fauchelevant: Fauchelevant is the victim of the cart crash.
Brujon: Is physically very strong. He has the body of a bear and a pea-sized brain.
Babet: Is physically frail but lean and cunning.
Claquesous: Is tough, dangerous, and secretive. 
Montparnasse: Is a teenager who is handsome and dangerous (he kills with a knife). He is well dressed, strongly built, and agile.
Revolutionaries: An ensemble of Revolutionaries.
Wedding Guests: Wedding guests form a chorus that celebrate the wedding of Marius and Cosette.
Ensemble: Constables, farmer, laborer, factory worker, onlookers/bystanders, judges, nuns.